More GIS in Python

Course Summary


This course builds upon the skills learned during Introduction to GIS in Python.

Estimated time for course

2-3 hours


Python users wanting to work with geospatial data.

Course Aims

By the end of the course you will:

  • be comfortable using simple geospatial operations like buffers, intersections etc.
  • be able to provide summary statistics for areas
  • understand more about joins, and what happens when they go wrong
  • understand about network analysis and how it can improve the accuracy of some analyses
  • be more comfortable troubleshooting some common error messages
  • complete a piece of spatial analysis and be able to present it


  • We recommend completing the Practical Geography for Statistics training prior to starting this course.
  • This course continues directly on from Introduction to GIS in python so ensure you have completed these materials prior to beginning this course.
  • Python and Jupyter Notebooks installed
  • Beginner/Intermediate knowledge of Python and Pandas.

Course Instructions

To take this course:

  • Go to and clone or download the repository as a zip file, move it to your working directory and unzip.
  • Open More_GIS_in_Python.ipynb in your browser and follow the instructions.